Scarrowfell wins Prix d’Imaginales

The French market is new to some of Robert’s work. At the recent Festival des Imaginales in Epinal, France, Robert won a Prix d’Imaginales for his short story “Scarrowfell”, from his collection Dans la Vallée des Statues et Autres Récits, and another Prix d’Imaginales for the Denoël edition of Dans la Vallée des Statues et Autres Récits itself, which has been brilliantly translated by Philippe Gindre.

The short story “Scarrowfell” is now online on this web site, as well as Robert’s reminiscences about its genesis.

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  1. That day was the first and last time I met Robert, after a few months of intense correspondence upon the translation of his complete short stories, to be published by Gilles Dumay. He bought me a beer and took a picture of me, my wife and my young daughter, and sent it over to me by email a few days later. This is just so sad to realize that he is no longer here and that I’ll never have a chance to meet him again, and I’m so sorry for his family. See you in Gwenwed, Robert.


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