An Earth King

By Robert Gould

Rob’s work and the man himself was, and continues to be, a blessing in my life. Mythago Wood opened his world to me and transformed my own: it was Mythago that got me my first film option and producing deal in the entertainment business.

All of Robert’s work was a revelation: his many domains share a visceral, palpable sense of actuality; you could smell, taste and touch them. His passionate love for the Land was the heart blood of his work and his life. No one spoke about woods and walking in them like Rob. I was astonished when Sarah told me that his home was not full of the forest debris, that he was in fact quite tidy.  He profoundly knew that the Land is the physical repository of human myth and the power we imbue in sacred objects exists forever, even if we cease to understand their function or purpose; something he contemplated as we viewed Celtic ritual objects one day at the British Museum. Myth was not an intellectual idea or concept for Rob: it was alive, radiant, wild and a thing to be quested and encountered with humility and honor. Rob surrendered to his world and its expression in all of its primal majesty and heroic glory. I will miss his brave and valiant adventuring, his inspiring courage and fortitude and his deep generosity of spirit and pleasure he took in all good things.

An earth king, a sword brother, a wood hero, a blood companion has passed on.  He lives on in every branch and leaf I see, every stone that casts a shadow, every hill that beckons my tomorrow. I will walk with him within his words for the remainder of my days. May you rest peacefully in the world you made, my friend, sheltered in the orchards of Avilion, even as your words live on in ours. Now you belong to the Ages.