The Iron Grail in the USA

The paperback edition of Celtika will be published in the USA shortly by Tor Books, and the reprint of Mythago Wood is available now. The hardback edition of the Iron Grail will be released on February 1st, 2004. The publisher has bought the US rights also to The Broken Kings, volume 3 of the Merlin Codex, as well as reprint rights to The Hollowing, the third book in the Mythago Wood Cycle.

The Chinese edition of Mythago Wood will be brought out by Clio Culture Press.

The Spanish publisher, Grupo Editorial Ceac, has acquired translation rights to Celtika and the Iron Grail, as well as Mythago Wood and Lavondyss.

The French publisher Denoël will be issuing a collection of Rob’s stories and a translation of his science fiction novel Where Time Winds Blow in March.

The Portuguese publisher, Publicações Europa-América, has bought Celtika for translation.

The Henson Studio no longer has the film rights to Mythago Wood.