Merlin’s Wood

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UK: Harper Collins, 1994; HB. ISBN: 0002246031
UK: Harper Collins, 1995; PB. ISBN: 0006480012
UK: Gollancz, 2009; PB. ISBN: 0575084197

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In those days Broceliande was a terrible place, an ancient gloomy forest growing over misty dells, forgotten stones, a place of hidden lakes and strangling thickets. Though the true heart of Broceliande could never be found, the stink of its corruption oozed from the edgewood, shedding ghosts like autumn leaves. This was the forest of legend, where Merlin had come to dream his magic and the enchantress Vivien had come to beguile that magic from him.

Martin and Rebecca have long since fled the forest, but when they are forced to return years later for their mother’s funeral, they are at once ensnared in the forest’s net of enchantment, an evil that has held the local villages in a root-strong grip. And when Rebecca gives birth to Daniel, a beautiful child who is deaf, dumb and blind, she finds herself sucked into a twilight world where she can see only strange mysterious shadows.

The 2009 Gollancz edition of Merlin’s Wood, also contains the following short stories:

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