The Emerald Forest

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UK: Penguin Books, 1985; PB. ISBN: 0140077758
NY: Zoetrope, 1985; PB. ISBN: 0918432707
UK: Harper Collins, 1995; PB. ISBN: 0006480144

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Film novelisation. Based on the screenplay by Rospo Pallenberg, directed by John Boorman.

Deep in the sounds, scents and shifting rhythms of the Amazon forest, a family have lost their seven-year-old child, stolen by the mysterious ‘Invisible People’, the tribe which has never been seen.

Through ten years their agonised search for him takes them beyond the world’s last great natural frontier into the cruel beauty of the Brazilian jungle.

When at last father and son do meet – in a dramatic and terrifying encounter – it is in the emerald forest, a place where the mythical and magical powers of primal existence must clash with the cold-hearted greed of modern man.

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