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UK: Faber and Faber, 1977; HB. ISBN: 057111118X
UK: Pan Books, 1978; PB. ISBN: 0330255134
UK: Gollancz, 1987; PB. ISBN: 0575040114
USA: Pocket Books, 1982; PB. ISBN: 0671441876

Earthwind tells the story of two people trapped on the planet Aeran. What has happened to the colonists of this world to obliterate their memories of who and what they were, and to have rebuilt in their place a precise and accurate copy of a stone age culture that had flourished in Ireland during the fourth millennium BC?

Elspeth Mueller, fighting against time as her memory decayed, tried to find out; deformed and embittered by the barbaric rituals of her ‘civilised’ home world, she struggled against her own fear to accept the cruel customs of Aerani society, knowing that the answers she sought lay in those same rituals.

Peter Ashka, his life inextricably interwoven with the I Ching, tried to find out as well — but his quest brought him into conflict with the two authorities that guided his life.

All the time the Earthwind haunted them; a complex symbol, it defied interpretation and eluded all who questioned it… unit it destroyed them.

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“A profoundly imaginative and remarkable book.”
Alex de Jonge, the Spectator