Where Time Winds Blow

Publication Details

UK: Faber and Faber, 1981; HB. ISBN: 0571116795
USA: Timescape/Pocket Books, 1982; PB. ISBN: 0671432621
UK: Pan Books, 1982; PB.
UK: Gollancz, 1988; PB. ISBN: 0575042796

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Kris Dojaan, seeking a brother swept into Othertime, volunteers for the suicide mission from which no man has returned — on a planet ravaged by mysterious Winds that whine and scream, then explode, booming into the atmosphere — a planet where men die into the future and vanish beneath a blackening sky.

Leo Faulcon must find the terrible secret of the Winds, a secret guarded by horrible mutants, the Manchanged, genetically and surgically adapted to the harsh planet, to rescue Kris and Faulcon’s lover Lena, before they disappear forever.

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“Robert Holdstock weaves a tale around a question which increasingly troubles contemporary scientists as well as writers: Can time flow ‘backwards’ as well as ‘forwards’? Where Time Winds Blow describes a world whose inhabitants can be thrown into the future or the past by capricious winds. Humans living on the bizarre planet where this is possible are biologically adapted to conditions there. But they are psychologically unable to cope with it, and thereby hangs Mr. Holdstock’s excellent tale.”
John Naughton in the Evening Standard