British Fantasy Society

  • [2010] Karl Edward Wagner Award

British Science Fiction Award

  • [1982] Short Fiction – “Mythago Wood
  • [1985] SF Novel – Mythago Wood
  • [1989] SF Novel – Lavondyss
  • [1994] Short Fiction – “The Ragthorn” (with) Garry Kilworth

Czech Academy Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Award

  • [2002] Best Novel – The Iron Grail
  • [2010] Best Fantasy/Horror Novel – Avilion

Grand Prix de L’Imaginaire

  • [2003] Prix spécial: pour La Forêt des Mythagos (pour l’édition de l’ensemble du cycle dans la collection Lunes d’Encre)

Prix d’Imaginales

  • [2004] For the short story “Scarrowfell“, from the Dans La Vallee Des Statues collection, and for the Denoel edition of Dans La Vallee Des Statues itself, which has been translated by Philippe Gindre.

World Fantasy Award

  • [1985] Best Novel – Mythago Wood
  • [1992] Best Novella – “The Ragthorn” (with) Garry Kilworth

The BFS Robert Holdstock Award for Best Fantasy Novel

A full list of all the BFS Robert Holdstock Award nominees and winners are available here.