The Shrine (Night Hunter 4)

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UK: Arrow; 1984, PB. ISBN: 0099363208
USA: Charter; 1988, PB. ISBN: 1557730199
UK: Gateway; 2012, eBook. ASIN: B00AJ1ZWZ8

Written as Robert Faulcon

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In the remote West Country the farms around a small town are suddenly haunted by ghostly presences – not all in human form. But when a ghost-hunter is called in to eliminate the hauntings, a greater terror is unleashed upon the land.

For, below the dark woods, the deserted tunnels of an ancient mine have become the focus of primeval supernatural forces – summoned by Arachne and now growing in strength.

And when the shrine’s hideous guardian is released, the time comes for Dan Brady to challenge again the occult power that snatched away his family.

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