The Mythago Cycle – Volume 1

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UK: Gollancz, 2007; PB. ISBN: 0575079711

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Ryhope Wood is three square miles of Herefordshire woodland which is, once inside, much, much more: a labyrinth which spreads over space and time, wherein live all the creatures and configurations – the mythagos – of ancient legend.

This great primal forest is fascinating and terrible, steeped in myth and mystery, and no one who passes into it comes out unchanged – if they come out at all. Ryhope Wood is quite unlike anything anyone could ever have foreseen, beyond reality, beyond imagination.

The Ryhope Wood Omnibus contains two novels:

In Mythago Wood, Stephen Huxley has already lost his father to Ryhope Wood; he returns from war to find his brother Christian has followed the family obsession.

Lavondyss finds young Tallis Keeton adventuring into the very heart of the realm.