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UK: Faber and Faber, 1978.
UK: Futura, 1978; PB. ISBN: 0708814069
NY: Avon Books, 1979; PB. ISBN: 0380480824
NY: Time Warner Books, 1990; PB. ISBN: 0708845479
UK: Futura, 1990; PB. ISBN: 0708845479

In a quiet town, west of London, stand the ruins of a burn-out church. Within the ruins is a stone font. Legends surround it, dark stories of blood, suicide and madness.

To June Hunter, it is a prison – holding in its cold grasp the soul of her young son. To Lee Kline, it is a puzzle, a challenge for his questing mind. To Francoise Jeury, it is a key to the deep past, a memory stone bearing the secrets of an ancient people.

For all of them it is a deadly danger.

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