Lost Realms: An Illustrated Exploration of the Lands Behind the Legends

Publication Details

UK: Paper Tiger, 1984; PB. ISBN: 0905895916
USA: Salem House Pub; 1985; PB. ISBN: 0881620750
UK: Paper Tiger; 1991; PB. ISBN: 0905895916

Co-edited with Malcolm Edwards.

A wonderful guide to the lands from history, legend and mythology, such as Eden, Avalon, and Atlantis, and fictional lands such as Lilliput, Middle-Earth and Eldorado, lavishly colour illustrated by established fantasy artists.

Includes illustrations by the following artists: John Avon; Bill Donohoe; Godfrey Dowson; Dick French; Mark Harrison; Michael Johnson; Pauline Martin; David O’Connor; Colleen Payne.