Other Edens

Publication Details

UK: Unwin, 1987; PB. ISBN: 0048233781

Co-edited with Christopher Evans.

This anthology contains:

  • “Crying in the Rain” by Tanith Lee
  • “The Wound” by Lisa Tuttle
  • “The Frozen Cardinal” by Michael Moorcock
  • “Piper’s Wait” by Keith Roberts
  • “In the Land of Sand and Ruin and Gold” by David Langford
  • “Moonlighter” by David S. Garnett
  • “Sanctity” by R. M. Lamming
  • “Triptych: The Black Wedding”; “Murderers Walk”; and “Hogfoot Right and Bird Hands” by Garry Kilworth
  • “Fullwood’s Web” by Graham Charnock
  • “The Price of Cabbages” by Brian Aldiss
  • “The Emir’s Clock” by Ian Watson
  • “Small Heirlooms” by M. John Harrison
  • “The Facts of Life” by Christopher Evans
  • “Scarrowfell” by Robert Holdstock