Realms of Fantasy

Publication Details

UK: Paper Tiger, 1983; PB. ISBN: 0905895835
USA: Olympic Marketing Corp., 1983; HB. ISBN: 0385188889
UK: Paper Tiger, 1984; HB. ISBN: 0905895827
UK: Paper Tiger, 1995; PB. ISBN: 0905895835

Co-edited with Malcolm Edwards.

An illustrated exploration of ten of the most famous worlds in fantasy fiction:

  • Middle Earth (illustrated by Paul Monteagle)
  • Gormenghast (Ian Miller)
  • Hyborea: The Realm of Conan (David O’Connor)
  • Atlantis (Chris Foss)
  • Melnibone (Mark Harrison)
  • Earthsea (Mark Harrison)
  • The Land of Thomas Covenant (Mark Harrison)
  • Gene Wolfe’s Urth (Michael Johnson)
  • Mars (Dan Woods)