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UK: Simon and Schuster, 2001; HB ISBN: 0684860368
UK: Earthlight, 2002; PB ISBN: 0671028820
USA: Tor Books, 2003; HB ISBN: 0765306921
USA: Tor Books, 2003; PB ISBN: 0765349043
UK: Gollancz, 2007; PB. ISBN: 0575079738

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Merlin is almost young, and immortal, one of those born to walk the paths of the world, a man with charm carved into his bones, and enchantment running through his body thicker than blood. And this is a time of heroes, centuries before King Arthur is born, men and women who, though not gods themselves, are something more than mere mortals.

For decades, Jason has been immured in his ship Argo in a lake in the far north, alive, but not, still traumatised by the murder of his sons by his enchantress wife Medea … until Merlin sees through the veil of enchantment and realises the boys were never killed; it was all a trick. Through the mists-shrouded isle of Alba to Greek Land, Merlin leads Jason and his Argonauts, some old, some new, on a quest to find the boys, journey filled with heroism and heartbreak, truth and treachery.

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‘Rob Holdstock’s is one of the voices at the very heart of modern fantasy’
Guy Gavriel Kay, author of A Song for Arbonne

‘Fantasy that is as intelligent and as muscular as anything Holdstock has written…’

‘Clearly, this is that very rare thing in the genre: a totally original concept – particularly welcome when so many fantasy tropes are tired rehashings.’
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‘Holdstock’s explorations of the world of myth are always fascinating. His sense of gloomily threatening forests and rivers that are among the dark places of the Earth is particularly resonant here…a powerful sense of tragedy and pathos.’

‘A marvellous start to what promises to be an important fantasy series, and needless to say it is highly recommended.’
Paul McAuley, Interzone

Celtika is a substantial treat… intelligent, impeccably researched fantasy.’
Time Out

‘Holdstock has done what few writers are capable of, he has taken a legend and made it his own.’

‘His narratives – intense, exuberant, earthy, passionate, dense with metaphor – are new trails through the ancient forest of our imaginations. An essential writer.’
Stephen Baxter