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UK: Victor Gollancz, 1988; TRB. ISBN: 057504375X
USA: William Morrow, 1989; HB. ISBN: 0688091857
UK: Grafton Books, 1990; PB. ISBN: 0586207600
USA: Avon, 1991; PB. ISBN: 0380711842
UK: Earthlight, 2003; PB. ISBN: 0743440781
USA: Orb Books, 2004; PB. ISBN: 0765307316
UK: Gollancz, 2015; PB. ISBN: 1473211999

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The special 30th Anniversary edition of Lavondyss was published as part of the Gollancz Fantasy Masterworks series in 2015, featuring an introduction by Lisa Tuttle which you can read here.

The unique setting of Mythago Wood is a tract of ancient English woodland, in which mythological people and creatures from the human collective unconscious still live and interact. Mythago Wood followed the adventures of a modern young man, Harry Keeton, as he discovered and became enthralled by its mystic power.

Now, in Lavondyss, young Tallis Keeton, Harry’s sister, grows up possessed by the magical allure of Mythago Wood. Believing that Harry is lost somewhere inside, Tallis becomes adept at mysterious rituals that allow her to witness events in the mythic past and future. Still not finding Harry, Tallis at last begins a quest to rescue her brother that leads her to Lavondyss, the place that is the source of all myths at the centre of Mythago Wood.

The rich, mysterious environment of the wood — which, like the human mind, is larger on the inside than on the outside — opens for her, and for us.

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Lavondyss is a vision-quest walkabout through time and archetime, a successful encore to a book I didn’t believe could be sequeled, a whirlpool of a story spinning golden boughs, masks of gods, kings, corpses, and the bones of vanished lovers past the heroine with a thousand faces.
Roger Zelazny

‘Magical. It is rare to find a sequel which measures up to the original; but Lavondyss surpasses it.’
The Independent

Lavondyss is eerie, beautiful, and frightening as nature itself… or an unforgettable dream’

‘This is as good as it gets! A landmark fantasy that, for a miracle, is even better than its predecessors. Lavondyss is a deep, spooky work, the kind of book you can’t put down yet wish never had to end.’
Michael Swanwick

‘A beautiful evocation of the wilderness, both in England and in us. I found the final movement sublime and exhilarating.’
Kim Stanley Robinson