The Ghost Dance (Night Hunter 3)

Publication Details

UK: Arrow; 1983, PB. ISBN: 0099317907
USA: Charter; 1987, PB. ISBN: 0441574785
UK: Gateway; 2014, eBook. ASIN: B00J5UYWCI

Written as Robert Faulcon

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She looked like an ordinary Indian girl. But within her she carried a burden of evil, a force that yearned to rend and destroy. And she had travelled 3000 miles, crossing plains, seas and mountains, to bring that force to Arachne.

Arachne – the obscene occult power that had seized Dan Brady’s wife and children and still held them in its evil clutches. Its strength was growing, its tentacles reaching out to trap and enslave the innocent and the unwary.

And now, in a bleak mountain village, Dan Brady, the Night Hunter, prepared to confront a horror that could finally destroy him and all he held dear.

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