The Stalking (Night Hunter 1)

Publication Details

UK: Arrow; 1983, PB. ASIN: B000M66YYS
USA: Charter; 1987, PB.
UK: Gateway, 2013; eBook. ASIN: B00CLRG5JK

Written as Robert Faulcon

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He had been a quiet family man – devoted to his wife and children, happy in his home, happy in his work. It took just thirty minutes of shattering, obscene violence to transform him into a remorseless, avenging hunter of evil – a savage practitioner and enemy of the occult.

Somewhere- somewhere beyond the normal and the good – they had his family. And Dan Brady had to find them.

Against him was all the evil of the supernatural – powers he neither knew nor understood. Powers he himself would have to learn to use if he were to track down his family in the preternatural night.

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