Keltika sets sail

The Czech edition of Celtika (Keltika), published by Polaris, is the second-best selling fantasy title in the country in November 2001.

Celtika will be published in paperback by Earthlight in January 2002. It has been selected as WH Smith’s SF and Fantasy paperback of the month.

Rob delivered The Iron Grail to Simon and Schuster at the end of October 2001. It’s a 120 thousand word sequel to Celtika, which completes the Greek part of the story: that of Jason and his new Argonauts. The novel will be published in hardcover in August 2002.

Mythago Wood and Gate of Ivory will be published in new editions by Earthlight at the same time (August 2002), with Lavondyss and The Hallowing published two months later. (This will be the first time the whole Mythago Cycle has been in print together.)