The Literary Fantasy Bundle includes The Ragthorn

The RagthornThe Literary Fantasy Bundle is nine tremendous books curated by author Keith Brooke, and includes the award-winning novella ‘The Ragthorn’, written by Garry Kilworth and Robert Holdstock.

What is literary fantasy? Brooke explains:

“It’s elusive concept, perhaps – what marks ‘literary’ fantasy out from, simply, good fantasy, for starters? – but one that seemed to encompass the kind of books we wanted to offer: fantastical fiction with a sense of the magical and spiritual, written with a literary sensibility, by which we mean fiction with a love of language and an awareness of its place in the literary canon. As you’ll see from the books we’ve gathered together, that definition is deliberately elastic, inclusive rather than exclusive, yet still clear enough to form a coherence to the set as a whole.”

As always, StoryBundle lets you name your own price to get a whole bunch of epic and excellent titles. A purchase of $3 gets you the basic set of five books:

  • Spotted Lily by Anna Tambour
  • A Writer’s Life by Eric Brown
  • Lord of Stone by Keith Brooke
  • The Far-Enough Window by John Grant
  • In Springdale Town by Robert Freeman Wexler

Even better, if you pay $12 or higher, you unlock four more titles, which incldue:

  • The Ragthorn by Garry Kilworth and Robert Holdstock
  • Facade by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
  • Hairy London by Stephen Palmer
  • Little Sisters of the Apocalypse by Kit Reed