Avilion in paperback

Avilion paperbackThe paperback edition of Avilion has gone on sale in the UK.

This book is the first direct sequel to Rob’s classic novel Mythago Wood. You can read about how Rob came to write the novel in his article on this web site, “Old Thoughts and New“.

If you want to see if you’d enjoy the book you can read an extract, “The Villa“, which is on this site.

Finally, I’d like to remind people that The Rob Holdstock Memorial Fund is still open. The deadline for final donations has been pushed back to the 30th of April, 2010. The fund currently stands at £1,698.

Many thanks to the friends, family and fans of Rob’s work who have donated so generously so far.

If the fund raises £2,000 it will be enough to purchase  a dedicated acre of woodland with a named ‘memorial post’, which will be managed by The Woodland Trust.

It would be a fitting tribute to Rob’s passion for the woods and an appropriate memorial for his legacy of work.