Rob’s partner Sarah Biggs would like to communicate her heartfelt thanks to the friends, family and fans of Rob’s work who have posted sympathies on this web site.

The original post will remain on top for the coming period for those who wish to add their thoughts.

The Guardian published an obituary for Rob, written by his dear friend Jon Courtenay Grimwood. It’s a fine tribute, and I’m sure Rob would be pleased especially since The Guardian was his newspaper of choice.

Update: The Times obituary is now online too.

Finally, here’s a quote from Rob’s novel, Gate of Ivory, Gate of Horn, which one of Rob’s fans on his mailing list pointed out. In it, Christian travels to the underworld to speak to his beloved Guiwenneth, and to persuade her to return with him. She says:

“As for me,” she repeated, “you can find me again. I am always in the wood. There are more of me than you can imagine; all I ask, my dearest love … all I ask … just dream me well. Dream me beautiful. And dream me happy, and with a heart that can fulfill all your own needs and love. …”