Elite Day

Rob will be attending the special Elite day, on the 28th October, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the seminal space-trading videogame, Elite.

It’s part of the GameCity Games Conference, which runs from 27 – 31 October, 2009 in Nottingham. Rob will be talking about writing the supporting story to the game, Elite: The Dark Wheel, and reading from it.

And possibly learning to play the game after 25 years of failure!

Throughout the day attendees will be constructing Origami Elite starships to create a  hangar-sized Origami Universe within the GameCity event arena on Nottingham’s Old Market Square. Thousands of Cobras, Vipers and even Thargoids will built and hung within the Elite Paper Universe. Video tutorials by the Origami artist, Mark Bolitho, on how to construct these ships can be watched online already.

The day will close with Rob reading an excerpt of ‘The Dark Wheel’ from within the Origami Universe, accompanied by the Nottingham Trent University Orchestra performing ‘The Blue Danube’ by Strauss.

It should be fun!