Welcome to the New Web Site!

Rob Writes:

The best piece of news for me in this month of June is the appearance of this new, more interactive website, dedicated to my work in SF and Fantasy; and I owe a huge debt of thanks to Maura McHugh, who set up the first site, back in 2001, and has worked with inspiration and thoughtfulness to redesign the venue. Martin Feeney also lent his experience in building this essential and invaluable link between a writer and his books, and you, and your very welcome interest when you visit the location.

I met Maura and Martin at an early Octocon, near Dublin. Let’s not talk about the Guinness; just the friendship and support that arose from that excellent weekend.

Maura, Martin: thank you.

It’s always a moment to break open the Burgundy and unwrap the Brie when I sell a book to France, and Avilion has just found its French home with Denoël, and editor Gilles Dumay. All five ‘mythago‘ novels are with Denoël (I occasionally include Ancient Echoes) and the new book should be out in translation in 2010.

Interviews with SFX and Interzone are on their way. And a special feature in The Times is scheduled.

(The site is optimised to work with standards-compliant browsers such as Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome).


  1. What a wonderful website! Very easy to navigate and lots of information, especially appreciated by the “Mythago” junkie. Thank you.


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