A flurry of French translations

Robert’s new publisher is Victor Gollancz, a move that occurred in December 2005, but which has only just been formalised. Gollancz will reprint the entire Mythago Cycle in two omnibus editions, and publish Mythago Wood itself as a single, separate ‘classic’ edition. They will also be republishing Celtika and The Iron Grail, the first two novels in the Merlin Codex, also as an omnibus edition.

The Broken Kings, the third book in the Merlin Codex, should be published in January 2007. It deals with an invasion from the Celtic Otherworld, with Minoan Crete, the true origins of the inventor Daedalas, creator of the labyrinth, Merlin’s past, Medea’s fate, and the past life of Argo, ‘Jason’s beautiful ship’. Argo has a secret, and that secret has begun to come back to haunt her.

In the USA , Mythago Wood is about to be published in an Science Fiction Book Club edition called Bookspan. It’s part of their list Eight Classic Fantasies from the 80s. It is illustrated by Jim Burns.

Mnémos in France has brought out a splendid edition of Necromancer (Necromancien, in French) translated by Sandra Kazourian.

Ancient Echoes is due shortly from Denoël, translated by Florence Dolisi.

Robert’s series of fun fantasies written with his friend and colleague Angus Wells, Raven: Swordsmistress of Chaos, has just been published in France by Editions du Seuil. Sadly and tragically, Angus died in a fire in his home in April, a month before publication.

Robert will miss him greatly.